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Transportation logistics

our company is focused on express scheduled and standard shipments to / from EU countries. We provide transportation with vehicles up to 24t weight. The fleet is contractually bound and thus we are able to secure the transport capacities according to the customer's wishes. In the case of a request for another kind of transport, we carry the shipment from the supplier to the customer. Prices of transport are negotiated individually according to the nature of the order. In the case of regular shipping, fixed prices can be agreed. Our mining center is burdening cars as needed so that the price with respect to the speed and size of the shipment is always to the satisfaction of the customer. In the case of interest, we are ready to set up an offer according to customer's instructions and without any obligation or order to respond to telephone or e-mail request where the customer himself regulates the price of the order according to the offer. All types of transport are provided on the basis of CMR contracts. For contract customers, we provide customs services and shipments beyond the CMR.